Smidiga kopior med Carbon Copy Cloner

Smidiga kopior med Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner är ett program för att skapa säkerhetskopior, bootbara kopior och det som kallas inkrementella kopior.

Carbon Copy Cloner kan skapa bootbara kopior, kopior som betsår av de senaste ändringarna och som kan användas till en rad uppgifter som handlar om säkerhetskopiering.

What’s New in Carbon Copy Cloner

Version 5.1.5:

  • CCC proactively prompts Mojave users to grant Full Disk Access to CCC and its helper tool so CCC can back up all of the user’s Application Data
  • Changes to a custom filter expression or rule type now causes the task to be marked as edited
  • An issue in which CCC was sending two email notifications for a task that exceeds a run time limit
  • An issue in which a task group might run immediately when adding tasks to it
  • The email body template field in CCC’s Preferences window now explicitly disallows macOS from performing ‘smart quote’ replacements. Such replacements resulted in corruption of the tokens in non-English locales, leading to the presence of the tokens in the resulting emails, rather than the substituted text (e.g. “##Nome dell’operazione##” instead of “Backup CCC”)
  • When connecting to a remote Mac via the Remote Macintosh option in the Source and Destination selectors, a timeout that might occur due to a firewall or other Remote Login configuration problem is is now greeted with more helpful advice (rather than reported as an “internal error”)
  • CCC now excludes the Dropbox “.dropbox.cache” folder. This folder’s volatile content not only contains a bunch of garbage that shouldn’t be backed up, but attempting to do so provokes a conflict between Dropbox and various anti-virus applications
  • Minor improvement to the handling of sparse files
  • Fixed the handling of a failure to mount an encrypted volume when clicking on the source or destination selector if the source or destination was a folder on that volume and CCC lacked the password for that volume
Requirements for Carbon Copy Cloner
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later
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