Ta hand om spam med SpamSieve

Ta hand om spam med SpamSieve

SpamSieve är ett effektivt anti-spam skydd och filter för Mail, AirMail och flera andra e-postprogram (i din Mac).

SpamSieve är enkelt att installera. De flesta e-postprogram har direktstöd för SpamSieve. Programmet uppdateras automatiskt om du ställer in det. Då uppdateras filter och regler i programmet. Du kan komplettera reglerna genom att lära SpamSieve genom att skilja mellan spam och e-post som inte är spam.

What’s New in SpamSieve

Version 2.9.33:

  • Streamlined the flow of using SpamSieve with Apple Mail on macOS 10.14. SpamSieve does a better of job of guiding you through the Mojave security changes to make setup as easy as possible. For the smoothest experience, we recommend updating to SpamSieve 2.9.33 before you update your Mac to macOS 10.14.
  • On macOS 10.14, it is possible for an Apple Mail plug-in to be installed but not yet enabled. When SpamSieve’s plug-in is not enabled, the SpamSieve rule(s) in Mail cannot function properly and may move new good messages to the spam mailbox without consulting SpamSieve. SpamSieve now protects you from this by automatically deactivating the rules if it notices that the plug-in is disabled. Once you’ve enabled the plug-in, it reactivates the rule(s) for you.

    For completeness, we mention that there is a chance that Mail will move some messages before SpamSieve can deactivate the rule(s), e.g. because Mail downloaded them while SpamSieve was launching or because you declined when SpamSieve requested access to control Mail. If you end up with some good messages in the spam mailbox that are uncolored (because Mail moved them without consulting SpamSieve), you can just drag them back to your inbox.

    If you want to fully prevent messages from being moved to the spam mailbox, you can manually deactivate (uncheck) the SpamSieve rule(s) in Mail’s preferences until you know that the plug-in is loaded (i.e. you see the SpamSieve menu commands in Mail’s Message menu). However, most users will find it easier to let SpamSieve manage the rule(s) for them.

  • If you have previously used SpamSieve with Apple Mail but are now using a different mail client, you can choose Uninstall Apple Mail Plug-In… from the SpamSieve menu in order to prevent SpamSieve from reminding you to enable the Mail plug-in.
  • If the Uninstall Apple Mail Plug-In… command can’t remove the Mail rules because it lacks Automation access on macOS 10.14, it will now proceed with uninstalling the other items and ask you to remove the rules manually rather than stopping with an error.
  • SpamSieve now supports the Hardened Runtime on macOS 10.14.
  • SpamSieve is now notarized by Apple.
  • The former “Advanced Outlook Setup for Large Inboxes” (which uses the InboxSpamSieve folder) is now the standard setup described in the Setting Up Outlook 365 section of the manual. This setup makes Outlook more responsive and provides for more accurate filtering when setting up SpamSieve for the first time. If you are already successfully using Outlook 365 with SpamSieve, the old setup is still supported, so you don’t have to change anything.
  • Improved the following sections of the manual:
  • Reduced the sizes of some large screenshots in the HTML manual so that the text is more easily readable.
  • Fixed a bug where some screenshots in the PDF manual were displayed at double size instead of at Retina resolution.
  • Removed support for legacy mail clients that no longer work on SpamSieve’s supported macOS versions: Claris Emailer, Eudora, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird 2.x.
Requirements for SpamSieve
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • Works with:
    • Apple Mail
    • Airmail
    • Emailer
    • Entourage
    • Outlook 2011
    • Outlook Express
    • Eudora 5.2 or 6.x (Sponsored or Paid)
    • MailForge
    • MailMate
    • Mailsmith
    • GyazMail
    • Postbox
    • PowerMail
    • Thunderbird 2


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