Google har fått hård kritik för att logga in användare utan att berätta det, utan att be om lov och utan att nämna det i sina användarregler, inledningsvis. Nu avslöjas också att Google Chrome raderar alla andra cookies utom sina egna även om du använder funktionen att ta borta alla cookie-filer i webbläsaren.

Det betyder att du loggas ut från alla använda tjänster utom Googles egna.

It has been discovered that when you try to clear all cookies in the Chrome browser, every cookie will be deleted except for authentication cookies created by Google. This means that after clearing cookies, you will be logged out of every site that you are currently logged into, except for Google.

Cookies are small data files stored on a users computer that are used by sites to store information that persist even when you close the browser and reopen it at a later time. As cookies can also be used to track you on the web or your activity on a site, they can be considered a privacy risk. Therefore it is not uncommon for users to routinely clear all cookies on their machines and expect those cookies to be removed.

Bleeping Computer

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