A Taco Told In Texas isn’t really about a taco. It’s about a guy with an eighth grade education who became a millionaire. And then he lost it all. And then he became a millionaire again. And then he lost it all. Again. And then he bought a used shipping container on Craiglist and started slinging the best tacos you’ve ever had out of it.

Presented by – FIND A WAY PRODUCTIONS (findawayproductions.com)

Director – David Gorvy (davidgorvy.com)
Producer – David Gorvy, Erica Rabner (ericarabner.com)
Director of Photography – Jordan T. Parrott (jordantparrott.com)
Editor & Musical Arrangement – David Gorvy

Press Kit – findawayproductions.com/work#/taco/

Mackens Fråga: Vad har du för hörlurar?
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