Samarbeta med Slack som plattform

Samarbeta med Slack som plattform

Slack är en webbtjänst, en app och ett program för team och för att jobba tillsammans – på distans.

Slack innehåller chattfunktioner, meddelandefunktioner och du kan skicka filer mellan medlemmarna. Alla delarna är helt gratis och du kan skapa kanaler för projekt, under och liknande, bjuda in medlemmar och skicka direktmeddelanden. Slack finns dessutom för alla de stora plattformarna, Windows, Mac och Linux.

What’s New in Slack

Version 3.2.0:

  • Myriad improvements for the people of Enterprise Grid, including quicker Quick Switching, better proxy support, and direct message draft syncing across multiple workspaces (meaning that whichever workspace you started typing that message in, you can finish in another.)
Bug Fixes
  • Unread badges were occasionally unreliable or inconsistent, so we tweaked a few doohickeys to improve them. It worked.
  • Smoothed some wrinkles in the loading of Slack calls and boosted general under-the-hood call performance while we were in there.
  • We tinkered with the workspace sign-in flow, updating how we handle errors and improving magic link support.
  • Copying email links now does what you’d expect (as long as you were expecting it to copy the email link. If you were expecting it to do something like file your taxes for you, you are still out of luck).
  • Slack will no longer interrupt macOS when restarting or shutting down.
  • After changing displays, pinch-to-zoom gestures will no longer insist on continuing to zoom the app when you pinch.
  • Twelve crashes have been fixed. Yes. 12. If you were unlucky enough to experience the full dozen, please accept a) this imaginary medal and b) our sincere apologies.

Requirements for Slack

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later


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