Gratistipset: DetectX Swift

Gratistipset: DetectX Swift

DetectX Swift är ett säkerhetsprogram för att kolla upp din Mac. Det är förvisso i betastadiet, för test, men det är ett bra program att kolla upp en Mac med.

Detect X Swift är en efterföljare till samma program men utan efternamnet Swift. Se det som nästa generation.

DetectX Swift is an on-demand security and troubleshooting tool that uses a combination of hardcoded search definitions along with live updates and predictive heuristics to detect both known and unknown threats and issues. It provides the user with multiple analytical capabilities regarding both the system’s current state and changes to its state over time related to its ongoing security and performance.
Like its older relative DetectX, and in-keeping with Sqwarq software’s security philosophy of minimal rights for all products, DetectX Swift does not require administrator privileges to install or run (occasional per-time elevated privileges may be requested for specific operations, namely deleting threats located outside of the user’s home folder or for running diagnostic reports on DetectX Swift itself).

What’s New in DetectX Swift

Version 1.074:

  • Help > Show Checksums allows DetectX Swift to report its own checksum in the main UI’s Status field. The checksum is calculated in real-time against the running binary.
  • This can be checked against the canonical value shown on the Sqwarq Product Security page, which simultaneously opens in the default browser.
  • DetectX Swift can now be relaunched either from the Dock icon’s contextual menu or from the ‘DetectX Swift > Relaunch’ menu bar.
  • The Ignore Keywords checkbox in Preferences > Observer now works correctly.
  • The CLI tool no longer returns an unwanted error message related to Firefox.

Requirements for DetectX Swift

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later

Detect X Swift

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