Synkronisera mera med Chronosync

Synkronisera mera med Chronosync

Apples iCloud är en utmärkt tjänst för att synkronisera information mellan dina Mac-datorer men den täcker inte allt – Mail, iCal, Addressbook och några fler program och funktioner kan du synlkronisera – men inte allt.

Ska du synkronisera annan information så är en smidig lösning programmet Chronosync.

Chronosync är ett mycket enkelt program att konfigurera. Du klickar dig fram till det som ska synkroniseras – du klickar dig fram dit informationen ska, sparar och sedan är det klart.


Du väljer alltså den folder där informationen finns och sedan dit informationen ska. Förslagsvis sparar du sedan din synkning med ett lätt indentifierbart namn (Firefox, iTunes).

Nästa steg är att samla dina synkningar i en synkronisering – en container. Det är en lista, en samling på de synkroniseringar som du har sparat. Sen är det klart.


Du kan köra en container eller en synkronisering manuellt, atomatiskt eller så snart en enhet ansluts – det väljer du.

Chronosync är det program jag använder för kompletterande synkroniseringar och ett tag var det ett program som kördes dagligen, morgon och kväll. Numera behöver jag det inte riktigt lika ofta men det finns kvar i min Mac och det gör fortfarande stor nytta.

What’s New

Version 4.8.7:

Changes & Enhancements:
  • Added support for path-style URLs in the Amazon S3 Connection.
  • Added intelligence to the Amazon S3 connection setup process so that the “Path-style URLs” setting is automatically enabled during a “Test” connection if the remote server requires it.
  • Constructed URLS no longer escape the ‘/’ character when appending the object key in the Amazon S3 Connection.
  • We now include the ‘Date’ header when constructing the string that is used to sign any request to Amazon S3 connections.
  • Improved the responsiveness when trying to abort agent-based tasks after a connection is abruptly broken.
  • Changed the behavior of “Open Other…” so that it defaults to the current location of the “Task Documents” folder as specified in the “ChronoSync->Preferences->General” panel.
  • Added logic to prevent sync-on-launch and sync-on-quit jobs from running when ChronoSync is launched and quit via scheduled task execution.
  • Limited requests for some unneeded volume data which results in slightly more efficient operations on HFS+ volumes in certain instances.
  • Volume mount checks now occur within their own autorelease pool.
  • The file format accessory view is now only displayed on Save if the current document is NOT a v4 document format.
  • Fixed various minor auto-layout problems, tooltips and spelling errors throughout the App.
  • Update Online Help.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a potential crash if a log window was left open while the parent document window was closed by the user.
  • Fixed a bug whereby auto-exclusion of root folder items was not properly occurring.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the “Optimizing” message during a bootable backup would not be displayed under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a minor bug whereby the wrong Resource Fork handling mode was set briefly after connection with the remote file manager is established.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the diagnostic setting was not being automatically applied to previously created task documents.
  • Fixed a bug whereby pasting a rule into a group would not set the rule’s parent properly, eventually resulting in an exception being raised.
  • Fixed a bug whereby opening a task document on the Archive panel would result in no archive path being displayed.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Google Cloud service object was not being deallocated after a connection was closed.
  • Fixed a potential problem where an occasional exception while browsing files on an ‘Admin Access’ connection was being thrown.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the online help was not being linked from the B2 Connection Profile editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the test for nested folders in the Multi-Folder Assistant could easily be tricked by partially matching folder names e.g. “/Test Folder 2/Subfolder” would be flagged as a child of “/Test Folder”.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the custom folder selector wasn’t being displayed when downloading an update.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later


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