Gratistipset: DetectX Swift

Gratistipset: DetectX Swift

DetectX Swift är ett säkerhetsprogram för att kolla upp din Mac. Det är förvisso i betastadiet, för test, men det är ett bra program att kolla upp en Mac med.

Detect X Swift är en efterföljare till samma program men utan efternamnet Swift. Se det som nästa generation.

DetectX Swift is an on-demand security and troubleshooting tool that uses a combination of hardcoded search definitions along with live updates and predictive heuristics to detect both known and unknown threats and issues. It provides the user with multiple analytical capabilities regarding both the system’s current state and changes to its state over time related to its ongoing security and performance.
Like its older relative DetectX, and in-keeping with Sqwarq software’s security philosophy of minimal rights for all products, DetectX Swift does not require administrator privileges to install or run (occasional per-time elevated privileges may be requested for specific operations, namely deleting threats located outside of the user’s home folder or for running diagnostic reports on DetectX Swift itself).

What’s New

Version 1.073:

  • The command line tool’s search command now has an -ignore switch
    -ignore /Users/user/path1,/Users/user/path2
    -ignore -f ~/path_to_whitelisting_file
  • Use -help or consult the Sqwarq slack #documentation channel for more details.
  • The search function can be prevented from updating the live search definitions. This is for troubleshooting purposes only and not recommended for general use. Further details are in the slack #documentation channel. The User Guide will be updated shortly to reflect this change.
  • The ‘Status’ panel in the main user interface now includes an alert if a running browser’s anti-phishing and malware protection preference has been turned off. The alert only applies to the first browser found where the preference is off (i.e., if two running browsers have the preference turned off, the alert will not be shown for the second browser until the first has been rectified). Further details are in the slack #documentation channel. The User Guide will be updated shortly to reflect this change.
  • Report a Problem logs now include information on Managed Profiles.
  • Registration email field is now case insensitive.
  • The command line tool’s formerly deprecated ‘scan’ command has been removed.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later

Detect X Swift

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