The FBI Raided Michael Cohen’s Office and Hotel Room Monday Morning (!)

Details are very sparse on this one so far, but whoa:

The F.B.I. on Monday raided the office of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, seizing records related to several topics including payments to a pornographic-film actress.

That’s via the New York Times, which reports that the warrant for the raid was obtained by federal prosecutors in New York’s Southern District, not by special counsel Robert Mueller

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James Comey treads fine line as book set to turn up heat on Trump

At 6ft 8in tall, James Comey is hard to miss. But two days after the inauguration of Donald Trump, Comey, then director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, tried to hide from the president at a White House reception, by standing in front of blue drapery that matched his blazer, he later told a friend.

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Video: Miss Smith

Sometimes casting gets a little too personal.


Unable to reconcile with an ex-girlfriend, musician Pablo Padovani holds a casting call to find the next best thing. Five actresses were invited to audition completely unaware of his intentions. What emerged was a satirical look at the baggage we try to work through in our art and how that can be an uncomfortable and often too personal experience for everyone else.
Director: Nick Roney
Producer: Andreas Attai
Written by: Nick Roney, Ed Leer, Soto Flores and Alex Knell.
1st AD: Sam Shapson
Executive Producer: Kimberly Stuckwisch for Going Rogue / Little Ugly
Cinematographer: Logan Triplett assisted by Tevin Teixira & Darrell Nash
Editor: Nick Roney
Assistant Editor: Taylor Brusky
2nd Assistant Editor: Alan Michnoff
Colorist: Nick Sanders @Ntropic
Sound mixer: Gabe Linkiewicz
Production designer: Britt Keller
Art assistant: Laura Cha
Make up: Tanya Brown
Wardrobe: Maya Sommer
VFX: Jeff Desom
Sound: Jackie! Zhou
Morality Consultant: Dan Carr
Thank you to Juliet, Erin, Sandra, Miranda, Minolta, Alex, Joel, Jeremy and Greg.
Nick Roney is the filmmaker in-residence at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison. He is set for release in late 2020. For directorial booking inquiries or awards please contact the warden, Dave Grant at 747-200-7127

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How an Army of Trolls Protects Guatemala’s Corrupt Elite

T 6:02 A.M. on August 27, 2017, the president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, uploaded a video statement to Twitter declaring the former Colombian judge Iván Velásquez a persona non grata and ordering his expulsion from the country. Velásquez is investigating corruption on behalf of a United Nations-backed commission in Guatemala, and had recently moved to strip Morales of immunity from prosecution and open an investigation into his campaign financing. Velásquez’s commission had already helped send the president’s son and brother to trial for defrauding the government.

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