Boka tid hos Dr. Cleaner

Boka tid hos Dr. Cleaner

Boka tid hos Dr. Cleaner

Dr. Cleaner är ett underhålls- och städprogram för din Mac. Du kan städa ut gamla loggfiler och rester av ditt surfande bland annat.

Dr.Cleaner är gratis.

Dr. Cleaner is the only free app that offers memory optimization and disk cleaning to help you speed up your Mac. It also features a large-file scanner that finds all large files (customizable size) on your Mac’s disk. And now Dr. Cleaner has a brand new user interface, making it even simpler and easier to use.

Finds large files (customizable size) that you may want to delete
Automatically optimizes memory when closing a memory-intensive app
Performs a comprehensive sweep for junk files after apps are uninstalled
Disk Cleaner
Launch Quick Clean from the status bar menu
Clean temporary files such as logs, cache files, downloads, etc.
Clear mail cache
Delete iTunes and iOS temporary files
Empty current user’s Trash Can
Remind users to clean their disk when necessary
Memory Optimizer
Optimize memory with one click
Reclaim unused memory to make it available for use by other apps
Show real-time memory status on the system menu bar
Show apps using a significant amount of memory
What’s New

What’s New

Version 3.3.1:

  • Various bug fixes


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later


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