THE EVER-CHANGING RUSSIAN hacking scandal—which doesn’t yet have a catchy name like Treasongate but clearly needs one—took a sharp U-Turn back to email territory, when Donald Trump Jr. revealed the email chain in which he set up a meeting with a Russian government lawyer.We profiled the British publicist who organized the get-together, a guy who has had a long and colorful relationship with the Trump family, much of which helpfully lives on social media. Reports indicate that congressional and special investigators are looking into President Trump’s campaign data team for signs they may have helped Russians target misinformation to undecided voters. However, Russia wouldn’t even really need a mole within the campaign to launch a full-bore, targeted propaganda campaign in the US–a fact that should trouble you more, not less. Besides, if congress wants to find answers about Russian ad targeting, it should probably just ask Facebook. Speaking of the election, we explained why even after the 2016 election, with which a foreign power interfered, politicians still can’t agree how to secure the basic machines we vote on.

Källa: Security News This Week: White House Exposes the Info of Privacy-Concerned Voters | WIRED