Så tar du långa skärmbilder

Så tar du långa skärmbilder

Du ska ta en skärmbild på en sajt, på data eller ett dokument men du har ett problem – det du vill avbilda är högre än en skärmbild. Vill du slippa att klistra ihop flera skärmbilder så är Paparazzi lösningen.

Med Paparazzi så kan du göra skärmbilder som sträcker sig över flera sidor, i höjd.

Paparazzi! is a small utility for OS X that makes screenshots of webpages. This very simple tool takes screenshots of websites which do not fit on one screen. You specify the desired width, minimal height and the URL. The program displays a preview and you can save the screenshot to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or PDF.

What’s New

Version 1.0b6:

  • Enabled execution of JavaScript URLs and bookmarks. UI for alert(), etc. to come later.
  • Added an AppleScript command for executing JavaScript.
  • Added menu items to show the Web Inspector/Console for the current page.
  • Added an alternate menu item/key combo (??2) to temporarily disable JavaScript while switching to Capture mode. This should help with capturing (e.g., mouseover menus).
  • Fixed cutting off the bottom (and potentially the right) of pages in capture-by-scrolling mode.
  • Fixed the “Include anonymous system information” checkbox in the Update prefs (the corresponding checkbox in the initial update check dialog still worked).
  • Disallowed the URL field from being accidentally Command-dragged out of the toolbar.
  • Change Punycode methods to use internal WebKit methods. This has the added advantage of mitigating spoofed URLs as Safari does.
  • Removed the option to override ClickToFlash, as this only worked with a plug-in-based version of ClickToFlash (which hasn’t worked since Safari 5.1).
  • Added detection during update check to see if Growl is running (for probable future removal of support).
  • Capture windows will now return to Browse mode if saving is initiated while in that mode.
  • New windows are now titled “Untitled” instead of “Paparazzi!”.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later


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