TED: En hemläxa som vi alla måste göra

Diane Wolk-Rogers teaches history at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, site of a horrific school shooting on […]

TED: Glöm Wi-fi, här kommer Li-fi

What if we could use existing technologies to provide Internet access to the more than 4 billion people living in […]

TED: Fantastiska nya ord för att beskriva känslor

John Koenig loves finding words that express our unarticulated feelings — like “lachesism,” the hunger for disaster, and “sonder,” the […]

TED: Hur vi borde göra om Internet

In the early days of digital culture, Jaron Lanier helped craft a vision for the internet as public commons where […]

TED: Hur delstatsbudgetar förstör skolan

America’s school systems are funded by the 50 states.   In this fiery talk, Bill Gates says that state budgets […]

Orkar du med lite fakta?

Det blir lite extra mycket TED idag. Föreläsningar om skilda ämnen som jag tycker är viktiga och som jag hoppas […]

TED: Så hjälper konst hemlösa

Malika Whitley is the founder of ChopArt, an organization for homeless teens focused on mentorship, dignity and opportunity through the […]

TED: Hur jag försvarar innehållet i lagen

Every human deserves protection under their country’s laws — even when that law is forgotten or ignored. Sharing three cases […]

TED: Den fantastiska världen i en droppe vatten

“Hold your breath,” says inventor Tom Zimmerman. “This is the world without plankton.” These tiny organisms produce two-thirds of our […]

TED: Bilder på hemliga platser

Taryn Simon exhibits her startling take on photography — to reveal worlds and people we would never see otherwise. She […]

TED: Hur vi kan få datorer att skapa

How can we make AI that people actually want to interact with? Raphael Arar suggests we start by making art. […]

TED: Så styr algoritmer våra liv

We live in a world run by algorithms, computer programs that make decisions or solve problems for us. In this […]

TED: Det vi kan göra åt hatkulturen

We’re all against hate, right? We agree it’s a problem — their problem, not our problem, that is. But as […]

TED: Därför ska du våga att inte hålla med

Most people instinctively avoid conflict, but as Margaret Heffernan shows us, good disagreement is central to progress. She illustrates (sometimes […]

TED: Tre myter om framtidens arbete

“Will machines replace humans?” This question is on the mind of anyone with a job to lose. Daniel Susskind confronts […]